Managed Unifi Networks

Managed Unifi networks just got easier.

Managed networks with Unifi by Xinsto gives your business peace of mind. Your network is backed by the cloud without expensive annual licensing costs. We made software defined networking (SDN) available to businesses of all sizes. Hotels, restaurants, marinas, and offices love the instant ROI with Ubiquiti Unifi devices, backed by Xinsto service.

You want a cost-effective solution to mange your network easily. But, you also want to have access to network professionals. Managed Unifi by Xinsto is the perfect solution that gives you the best of both worlds. No matter if you purchased Unifi equipment on your own or you’re leasing it from us, you get the same features and level of service at a low monthly rate.

No Hassle Maintenance

With Managed Unifi, we handle all your maintenance. Firmware upgrades are handled. Network bottlenecks are eliminated.

Full Service Support

We include full service support. We’ll help you configure your equipment, setup the Unifi mobile app on your phone, and help you optimize your network.

Whole Network Coverage

Manage your entire network with ease. As you add devices, you can manage them through your Unifi instance.

Cloud Powered

We power your network through the cloud. You don’t have to update any software, mange any controllers, or host any unnecessary boxes.