Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services without hassle.

Managed IT services by Xinsto is a full service offering that is customizable to give you exactly what you need. We partner with you to provide world class IT services without breaking the bank.

IT departments are expensive and when you’re a small business owner, it’s not an expense you want to take on. So you end up signing a long-term contract with one of our competitors and for a while things seem OK. Then the network goes belly up at 10 PM – only you don’t find out until the next morning and you have to call your IT provider… who gets back to you the next day.

As a small business, we understand your small business. That means when the network goes down at 10 PM, we know and we find the problem, we fix the problem, and the next morning you don’t have a clue. We believe IT should be transparent and add value to your business. Our managed services are designed à la carte so you get what you need, not what you have to.

Here’s just a taste of what we can do for you.

Endpoint Management

We’ll help you manage your laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and Macs. We also handle your office network including true enterprise-class WiFi.

Infrastructure Management

We’ll manage, engineer, and implement cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud); on-premise servers and converged infrastructure; hardware procurement and implementation; and networking hardware (from firewalls, switching, and everything in between).

Business Continuity

We’ll manage your backups (you do have backups, right?) both locally and in the cloud, your cyber security (including no additional cost basic training), and we can provide data center space for disaster recovery.

Everything Else

For everything else, there’s… us! We’ll happily help you with project management, vendor management, cloud migrations, consulting, and more. Just contact us – we’re here to help!