Work-from-home setup inspiration

Work-from-home setup inspiration

With the global pandemic happening, many of us are adjusting to a work-from-home lifestyle previously primarily experienced by software developers, cloud engineers, and employees of some tech companies. As many of us rush to #WFH, I thought I’d share some of the trends out there and inspire your home office.

Living room office

Jessica has a great living room setup! Reminds me of one of my earlier jobs where overnight and on weekends, we could watch Netflix from our desks!

The home office office

It looks like Shanda has time for coffee on her commute – quite honestly, I do as well!

Home Office Gym

Yoshitomo isn’t going to let working from home add on some extra pounds with his workout desk!

Office hours 9 to 5

And don’t forget to close up shop and enjoy time with your family in the evening.

Let us see yours!

We’d love to see your #WFHsetup. Tweet at us on Twitter @Xinsto with #WFHsetup and a picture of your new home office. Stay safe!

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