Microsoft Windows’ brand new package manager

Microsoft Windows’ brand new package manager

One of the first things someone who is starting on a Linux journey learns is how to use is the package manager. There are many different types of package managers – APT, YUM, DNF, YaST – and even some third party ones for Windows, such as Chocolatey. But Microsoft has finally answered the request of many IT professionals. Introducing winget.

Why a package manager

The pros will always tell you that a package manager is just awesome. It makes it easy to install software fast, and it’s generally scriptable. That means if you have a new computer, you can run a file on it that will automatically install your programs and even tweak things automatically. After a few minutes, it’s all yours. We’re certainly hoping that the same is true with winget. Right now, it’s in preview. Even better, it’s open-source and you can install it right now. Just get it from GitHub.

Using winget

It’s extremely easy to use once it’s installed. Simply open up a PowerShell or Command Prompt window and type in winget install <software>.

Installing Telegram Desktop via winget
Installing Telegram Desktop via winget

It’s as simple as that! There are some other commands implemented right now so you can start using it

  • install Installs the given application
  • show Shows info about an application
  • source Manage sources of applications
  • search Find and show basic info of apps
  • hash Helper to hash installer files
  • validate Validates a manifest file
  • –help Provides command line help
  • –info Provides addition data, helpful for troubleshooting
  • –version Provides the version of the client

When is it coming

The answer is unknown as to when it will officially be released, however, what we do know is that it’s going to be enabled on Windows by default and that it’ll work on Windows 10 going back to version 1709.

We’re excited about this because it means we’ll be able to help our customers manage their infrastructure faster (which means cheaper).

We’re here to help!

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