Hackers exploiting Zoom’s overnight rise to fame

Hackers exploiting Zoom’s overnight rise to fame

People are starting to do more from home because of COVID-19, the way they attend meetings, go to church, and other social gatherings are taking a more digital approach. This approach is increasingly more than likely using Zoom. Cybercriminals are registering new fake “Zoom” domains to distribute malicious “Zoom” executable files.

According to the article on The Hacker News, a Check Point report published said that over 1,700 new “Zoom” domains have been registered. 25 percent of those domains were registered in the last week alone.

How to stay safe

If you need to get Zoom, get it from the official website, https://www.zoom.us. If you’re a business, consider using a product like Microsoft Teams (which is available for free and Microsoft is offering 6 months free trial of premium features, due to the COVID-19 outbreak). Contact us and we can get you setup with a free trial.

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