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Helping businesses in need

In these unprecedented times, we've all found ourselves having to adapt to the changing landscape. Everyone who can work from home is working from home. We're being socially distant. We're only going out to get things when we absolutely need them. These measures mean organizations of any size have to stop functioning. We're here to...

March 2020

Hackers exploiting Zoom’s overnight rise to fame

People are starting to do more from home because of COVID-19, the way they attend meetings, go to church, and other social gatherings are taking a more digital approach. This approach is increasingly more than likely using Zoom. Cybercriminals are registering new fake "Zoom" domains to distribute malicious "Zoom" executable files. According to the article...

Work-from-home setup inspiration

With the global pandemic happening, many of us are adjusting to a work-from-home lifestyle previously primarily experienced by software developers, cloud engineers, and employees of some tech companies. As many of us rush to #WFH, I thought I'd share some of the trends out there and inspire your home office. Living room office

Jessica has a...

COVID-19 Response

To all of our business partners: At Xinsto, the health and safety of our team members and customers is our top priority. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in the United States, we are suspending all on-site activities effectively immediately. We will provide services remotely to our customers and assist them with a remote workforce...