Work smarter with Windows 10 and virtual desktop

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Work smarter with Windows 10 and virtual desktop

Windows 10 is without a doubt one of the most popular operating systems released by Microsoft. Did you know that Microsoft made it even easier to multitask in this already powerful operating system? We’re going to take a look at virtual desktops, one of the most long awaited features of Windows and something that operating systems like Linux® and macOS® have had for years.

Multitask with Task View

There’s an icon many people overlook when they use their desktop. It’s right next to Cortana and the Start button. It’s called Task View and you might even like it better than Alt+Tab. A shortcut to access it is by pressing the Windows Key + Tab. If you used Windows Vista and Windows 7, you may remember this shortcut and Flip 3D.

The Task View icon.

When you open up Task View, you’ll see all your open windows in a preview that’s easy to see. But you may notice that you only have a “Desktop 1”. In the lower right hand side, you’ll see a “New Desktop” button. Click that for any number of new desktops.

Working smart with Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 Virtual DesktopYou can have as many number of desktops as you need. When it seems like you’re working on far too many tasks for your screen or screens, open up a new desktop and put one task on each desktop. If you’re in the middle of a task, press the Windows Key + Tab and then click and hold on the window you’re working on then drag it to another desktop without losing your work!

When you’re done multitasking, press the Windows Key + Tab and then click the “X” on the virtual desktop you want to close. It’s that easy!

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