Windows Sandbox: A tool to make computing safer

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Windows Sandbox: A tool to make computing safer

Microsoft is introducing a new security tool in an upcoming release of Windows 10. This tool is called Windows Sandbox and it will be a valuable tool to businesses.

What is a sandbox?

A sandbox is a restricted area of a computer that contains scratch disk and memory available and is self-contained. Sandbox environments are where you can safely execute unknown programs to see what they do without harming your system.

Windows Sandbox

In an upcoming Windows 10 release, Microsoft is going to be providing users on the Pro and Enterprise builds access to a tool called Windows Sandbox. This is a virtualized Windows environment on top of your existing Windows environment. It’s a virtual machine, but with a twist. It’s isolated. You can install any software in this environment and make sure it performs as it should on your main system. When you close the sandbox, the environment is destroyed.

Our sandbox environment has a separate network which means that if you run a program that is malicious and tries to scan your network, it will not be able to infect other machines.

This feature is currently part of the Windows Insider program in build 18305 and later.

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