KRACK: Your wireless network is at risk!

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KRACK: Your wireless network is at risk!

The other day a massive vulnerability was discovered in WPA2 wireless encryption which secures just about every wireless network – from the one in homes, to your office, to even your favourite coffee shop where you have to ask the barista for the daily wifi password. Every OS – Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple iOS, Android – are all susceptible to this attack.

This attack is called KRACK which stands for Key Reinstallation Attack. This attack can be used to read data transmitted between a device and the wireless network it’s connected to, even if that network is password-protected and encrypted.

Full KRACK details can be found on the KRACK website.

Protecting your devices & network

Software developers and wireless vendors are working on patching their devices. Microsoft has already released a patch for all supported versions of Windows. Apple is deploying a patch soon for macOS and iOS. Google is releasing a patch for Android in it’s Fall security update cycle – Pixel users will be the first to receive the update. Your networking devices also need to be updated. Xinsto assist you with upgrading any firmware to your wireless networking devices. Consultations are free!

Xinsto provides patch management services as part of our Total Care solution, ensuring that all your devices receive all appropriate patches. Contact us today!

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