Windows 10

Windows Sandbox: A tool to make computing safer

Microsoft is introducing a new security tool in an upcoming release of Windows 10. This tool is called Windows Sandbox and it will be a valuable tool to businesses. What is a sandbox? A sandbox is a restricted area of a computer that contains scratch disk and memory available and is self-contained. Sandbox environments are where you can safely execute unknown programs to see what they do without harming your system. Windows Sandbox In an upcoming Windows 10 release, Microsoft is going to [...]

Windows 10 Extended Support for Business

Microsoft recently announced a new support schedule for Windows 10. This schedule changes how long patches are made available to "the last Windows version". One of the major complaints by businesses is that a new Windows version comes way too fast. They don't have ways to properly implement and deploy the new version just before it becomes unsupported. Microsoft has assured us that this practice is changing. Beat to a new drum In the past, each Windows 10 release had support [...]

Work smarter with Windows 10 and virtual desktop

Windows 10 is without a doubt one of the most popular operating systems released by Microsoft. Did you know that Microsoft made it even easier to multitask in this already powerful operating system? We're going to take a look at virtual desktops, one of the most long awaited features of Windows and something that operating systems like Linux® and macOS® have had for years. Multitask with Task View There's an icon many people overlook when they use their desktop. It's right [...]