Working effeciently with a tracking system

We work on a lot of projects both with our customers and internally as a company. Keeping track of everything is a bit of a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. We keep our selves in check by using a tracking system (or ticketing system). It doesn't matter if you're a large team or small team, keeping a close eye on your projects is a big task and that's why we'd like to open up and share with [...]

Should you join the Windows Insider Program?

This is a question we get quite often as people learn more about what it means to be a Windows Insider. First off, a little history. In October 2014, Microsoft launched the Windows Insider Program. It was allow a public beta of the then up and coming Windows 10 operating system. It sent out automatic upgrades to those early versions to update them to the latest build all the way to Build 10240 which was the final build... or [...]

Keeping Up Appearances on Your Systems

Windows Updates. Those two words usually make people cringe - "What is Microsoft updating now?" or even worse, they fear that Windows will reboot while they're in the middle of something important - like writing a presentation or report - and it seems that it occurs right when that report is due to your boss in 30 minutes. Or worse, it takes down the network in the middle of the day because Windows Update was configured poorly. Managing Those Updates The [...]

How Microsoft’s New Patching Affects You

Microsoft has recently announced that they are changing the way Windows patching will work going forward starting on the next Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has decided to switch to a roll up model - that is, one giant patch that contains a bunch of smaller patches. Traditionally, patches were delivered individually. Starting today, October 11th, the new servicing model takes effect. This roll up model doesn't affect Windows 10 as it's the model currently in use. As Windows 7 and 8.1 [...]

AdBlock Plus wants you to see more ads

In a very interesting turn of events, AdBlock Plus - a popular ad-blocking extension available for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer - wants you to see more ads. They've introduced a new program that allows publishers to purchase "acceptable" ads over intrusive advertising. So instead of seeing an empty section of the page (usually non-noticeable), they will sell ad space in their new Marketplace which will replace a "bad ad" with a "good ad". What are your thoughts about [...]