Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Release Announced

Mark your calendars for October 17th as that is when Microsoft will be releasing the Fall Creators Update to the general public. There are lot's of exciting new features announced but perhaps one of the most anticipated features is OneDrive Files On-Demand. With portable devices having limited storage space, it can be a pain to have OneDrive eat up all of that space. Especially for businesses where often times, the size of OneDrive can easily be larger than the [...]

How Microsoft’s New Patching Affects You

Microsoft has recently announced that they are changing the way Windows patching will work going forward starting on the next Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has decided to switch to a roll up model - that is, one giant patch that contains a bunch of smaller patches. Traditionally, patches were delivered individually. Starting today, October 11th, the new servicing model takes effect. This roll up model doesn't affect Windows 10 as it's the model currently in use. As Windows 7 and 8.1 [...]