Cloud Computing

Going Virtual: The Security Considerations of Public vs. Private Cloud

Cloud computing can bring significant benefits to your IT operation, but it can also carry some security risks, so organizations need to understand how they can take advantage of all it has to offer without putting their data at risk. This article describes how to develop a cloud-based computing strategy that mixes scalability with security. Two main factors that attract companies to the cloud: the first is its potential for cost efficiency. Eliminating the capital expenditure on local servers can [...]

VMware vs Hyper-V—Which Virtual Infrastructure Should You Choose

VMware vSphere® and Microsoft® Hyper-V® are both enterprise-class hypervisors, and the question of which hypervisor is better has been hotly debated over the past several years. Asking someone which hypervisor is better is a lot like asking someone whether a PC or Mac® computer is better. The answer is likely to be based on personal biases, when in reality, both PCs and Mac computers are very capable. The same is largely true of vSphere® and Hyper-V. Both are excellent [...]