Author - Travis N.

Work smarter with Windows 10 and virtual desktop

Windows 10 is without a doubt one of the most popular operating systems released by Microsoft. Did you know that Microsoft made it even easier to multitask in this already powerful operating system? We're going to take a look at virtual desktops, one of the most long awaited features of Windows and something that operating systems like Linux® and macOS® have had for years. Multitask with Task View There's an icon many people overlook when they use their desktop. It's right [...]

Going Virtual: The Security Considerations of Public vs. Private Cloud

Cloud computing can bring significant benefits to your IT operation, but it can also carry some security risks, so organizations need to understand how they can take advantage of all it has to offer without putting their data at risk. This article describes how to develop a cloud-based computing strategy that mixes scalability with security. Two main factors that attract companies to the cloud: the first is its potential for cost efficiency. Eliminating the capital expenditure on local servers can [...]

VMware vs Hyper-V—Which Virtual Infrastructure Should You Choose

VMware vSphere® and Microsoft® Hyper-V® are both enterprise-class hypervisors, and the question of which hypervisor is better has been hotly debated over the past several years. Asking someone which hypervisor is better is a lot like asking someone whether a PC or Mac® computer is better. The answer is likely to be based on personal biases, when in reality, both PCs and Mac computers are very capable. The same is largely true of vSphere® and Hyper-V. Both are excellent [...]

Beware: Mac Malware Is on the Rise

For the longest time, there has been an assumption amongst many Mac® users that their operating system of choice is secured against the malware threat. While there may have been some truth to this a few years back, it certainly isn't the case anymore. Today, there are a growing number of active threats targeting macOS®. Perhaps more importantly, as the popularity of the platform grows, so does the amount of malware emerging from the shadows. A Growing Market and Threat According [...]

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Release Announced

Mark your calendars for October 17th as that is when Microsoft will be releasing the Fall Creators Update to the general public. There are lot's of exciting new features announced but perhaps one of the most anticipated features is OneDrive Files On-Demand. With portable devices having limited storage space, it can be a pain to have OneDrive eat up all of that space. Especially for businesses where often times, the size of OneDrive can easily be larger than the [...]

Working effeciently with a tracking system

We work on a lot of projects both with our customers and internally as a company. Keeping track of everything is a bit of a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. We keep our selves in check by using a tracking system (or ticketing system). It doesn't matter if you're a large team or small team, keeping a close eye on your projects is a big task and that's why we'd like to open up and share with [...]

Preventing internal email spoofing with Office 365

Email spoofing is a problem that affects companies world wide. This type of spoofing email is complex because it looks legitimate. After all, the email did appear to come from within your domain! Companies can lose millions of dollars through sophisticated phishing attacks and internal spoofing. The attacker will send an email posing as someone like the CEO. The attacker will send this email to someone, typically in the finance department, to wire money into an account. But here's where [...]

New Ransomeware “Nyetya” in the Wild

Cisco is calling Nyetya "WannaCry's bad cousin" and it's no surprise as to why. This ransomware uses PSEXEC, a very legitimate administration tool from Microsoft, and WMIC to execute it's processes. It steal credentials and spreads through networks using EternalBlue and EternalRomance SMB 1 exploits which were patched by Microsoft in MS17-010 Machines that are patched against these exploits (with security update MS17-010) or have disabled SMBv1 are not affected by this particular spreading mechanism. Please refer to our previous blog for details on these [...]

Protecting your network from web threats

Every day, new threats emerge on the Internet called Zero Days which are threats that have not yet been identified and patched. How do you protect your network from these threats? Our simple list Patch often! Patching can stop a zero day dead in the water. No matter if it's a core network device like a router or if it's a computer in the office. Often, the zero day affects an older version of the software and the patch stops [...]

Why we care about our customers

We often get the "wow" factor when people and businesses sign up for our services. The "wow" factor being, "Wow! You guys solved my problem so fast!" or "Wow! I didn't think you guys would do that!" and the honest truth is, we operate by putting customers first. Our belief is that there should be a single phone number reach - that means no matter if you want Sales, Support, or even the Owner, all customers have to dial is one phone [...]