Windows 7: The Final Year

If your business is operating on Windows 7, it's your final year of support. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide any security updates for Windows 7. That is, unless you pay Microsoft for three additional years of support - and only if you have Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise. This puts many businesses at risk.
Importance of upgrading
Running an OS without support doesn't appear to have too many risks. However, there are several huge risks that put [...]

Windows Sandbox: A tool to make computing safer

Microsoft is introducing a new security tool in an upcoming release of Windows 10. This tool is called Windows Sandbox and it will be a valuable tool to businesses.
What is a sandbox?
A sandbox is a restricted area of a computer that contains scratch disk and memory available and is self-contained. Sandbox environments are where you can safely execute unknown programs to see what they do without harming your system.
Windows Sandbox
In an upcoming Windows 10 release, Microsoft is going to [...]

Keeping bad guys out

In our previous blog post, we talked about how to protect your organization by keeping your company's organization chart private. We encouraged you to adopt a policy to keep details off your website and off social media, including LinkedIn. In this post on security, we're going to look at how to keep bad actors out of your facility by focusing on physical security.

Physical security in a digital age

Does your company issue ID cards to employees? Chances are you do. [...]

Helping hackers or why you shouldn’t publish your organization chart

Organizations love to share information about themselves. Accomplishments, awards, and including who works there - especially high profile employees like executives, vice presidents, senior managers, and occasionally team members. Did you know by publishing information on your corporate website, you're making it easier to attack your business? In this article, we will show how you increase your attack surface by making it easier for hackers to impersonate key employees.
Hacking the company... with help
When hackers look to attack a company, [...]

Bleeding Bit: Two Bluetooth Chip Flaws in Cisco and Meraki Devices

Two flaws in Bluetooth chips open millions of devices to attack
Security researchers detailed a pair of critical vulnerabilities in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chips embedded in global access points and networking devices.
The Hacker News fills in the details: "Dubbed BleedingBit, the set of two vulnerabilities could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and take full control of vulnerable devices without authentication, including medical devices such as insulin pumps and pacemakers, as well as point-of-sales and IoT devices.
"Discovered by [...]

How Office 365 helps small business save money

When we talk to small business owners about the cloud, a few major concerns rise up: How secure is my data? How does this increase my costs? In this post, we're going to explore how Office 365 can actually help your small business save money.
The true cost of cloud
When it comes to Microsoft products, there's a lot of costs involved. A lot. It's really not an exhaderation on our part either because we have taken Microsoft Licensing classes and [...]

Windows 10 Extended Support for Business

Microsoft recently announced a new support schedule for Windows 10. This schedule changes how long patches are made available to "the last Windows version". One of the major complaints by businesses is that a new Windows version comes way too fast. They don't have ways to properly implement and deploy the new version just before it becomes unsupported. Microsoft has assured us that this practice is changing.
Beat to a new drum
In the past, each Windows 10 release had support [...]

KRACK: Your wireless network is at risk!

The other day a massive vulnerability was discovered in WPA2 wireless encryption which secures just about every wireless network - from the one in homes, to your office, to even your favourite coffee shop where you have to ask the barista for the daily wifi password. Every OS - Windows, macOS, Linux, Apple iOS, Android - are all susceptible to this attack.
This attack is called KRACK which stands for Key Reinstallation Attack. This attack can be used to read data transmitted between [...]

The Changing Face of Cybercrime – Know Your Enemy

As a cybersecurity professional, you are the guardian of data, the gate keeper, and the architect of defense. You live on the front lines of a digital battle against invisible enemies and advanced persistent threats.
It’s your job is to find and protect any possible vulnerability or weakness that could be exploited anywhere in your organization at any time—24/7/365.
Your enemy’s job is to find one weakness. Just one!
Your enemy will exploit your infrastructure, your people, and anyone connected to you [...]

Work smarter with Windows 10 and virtual desktop

Windows 10 is without a doubt one of the most popular operating systems released by Microsoft. Did you know that Microsoft made it even easier to multitask in this already powerful operating system? We're going to take a look at virtual desktops, one of the most long awaited features of Windows and something that operating systems like Linux® and macOS® have had for years.
Multitask with Task View
There's an icon many people overlook when they use their desktop. It's right [...]