About Us

We love technology! We love putting stuff together, taking it apart, rebuilding it, writing code, hacking, healing, and helping! Xinsto takes a different approach to how we do business – even in a technilogical world, we put people first. We will gladly talk to you on the phone, meet you face-to-face at your favorite restaurant for a quick bite, or send you a card in the post. And, of course, you can still use technology if you prefer!

Xinsto’s roots go all the way back to 2004 – our founder & Managing Partner, Travis Newton, provided quick computer repairs to people in the neighborhood and classmates in high school. Coming along the way, we have evolved our product and service line to adapt with different markets, different technologies, and different innovations. One thing hasn’t changed and that’s how we treat people.

We partner with businesses of all sizes to help them manage their IT needs, reduce pain points, and help save costs. We’re problem solvers, creative thinkers, and the best business partner ever.