VoxVM is becoming NodeSpace Hosting

In September 2021, we acquired VoxVM. This was one of our largest acquisitions to date and one that was somewhat challenging – after all, VoxVM had been operating since 2020. But it needed to be part of our company. So we just let it run by itself to see how it was going to go. Of course, at the same time, NodeSpace has also seen a lot of significant growth as well. We were having our top staff go between each brand and trying to keep things running. Needless to say, we weren’t able to meet our service quality expectations on both brands. It clearly suffered. One of the reasons we decided now was the time to complete the merger of the brands was a review that we received on NodeSpace that said our “support was slow”. We took this personally. In the past, we’ve been known for fast support and excellent problems solving. But we were clearly failing. After internal review, it was found that working out of two backends was making our staff work two jobs – something not on brand for us. Ultimately, it was decided to complete the merger: merge the VoxVM customer base into NodeSpace and eliminate the VoxVM brand.

In 2023, there will be one less web host. But that’s only going to make NodeSpace much more stronger and deliver better service for everyone.

Q&A as well as additional details are available at https://www.voxvm.com/transition.

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