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Xinsto, LLC, a Virginia-based web hosting and data center services company, has completed the acquisition of

QUINTON, VIRGINIA – August 21, 2022 Xinsto, LLC, a world-class leader in web hosting and data center services, has announced today that it has closed on a deal to acquire the 11-year old VPS hosting provider Started in February 2011 by a pair of Indian entrepreneurs focused on providing high-quality, budget, virtual private servers. Unlike other hosting providers that typically offer domain names, SSL certificates, shared hosting, and dedicated servers, among other products and services, has specialized only in providing virtual private severs. This has allowed the company to focus on doing one thing and doing it really well. Over the last decade, has hosted over 4,000 customers and boosts a high customer retention rate. The company is also holding very steady with an average of 1.3 services per customer.

When asked about the acquisition, Xinsto CEO and founder, Travis Newton, said, “I am excited about the opportunity to add to Xinsto. While our two other hosting brands, NodeSpace and VoxVM, also offer VPS hosting, is exclusively tuned for it. It’s something I’ve wanted to add to our company.” Although there seems to be a lot of redundancies, Travis added: “Each of our brands brings something unique – NodeSpace is premium and dedicated servers and VoxVM is marketed towards the European market.”

This marks Xinsto’s second acquisition in the last 12 months; VoxVM was acquired in September 2021. With this brings more opportunities for company growth as well as cross-promotion between brands. As with most hosting acquisitions, Xinsto plans to run as-is for the time being while a new operating plan is developed for the brand. “We do have some plans in store, such as a new website which we’re already developing,” added Travis. “But other than that and maybe a new look for the brand, we plan to keep it pretty much like it is only with more VPS regions and more virtualization options such as KVM. These new customers are in great hands and I welcome them!”

About Xinsto, LLC

Founded by Travis Newton as a teenager back in 2005, Xinsto originally started as a computer repair business. Shortly after, Xinsto acquired its first web host which was an ad-supported free web host. Eventually that transitioned into a paid hosting provider called Xinsto Host and then in 2010 was re-named NodeSpace. Xinsto was the IT services division and NodeSpace was the Internet division. In 2020, effects of the global pandemic caused Xinsto to re-evaluate its business model and it was decided that managed IT services were no longer to be offered and instead the company was going to exclusively focus on cloud, data center, and web hosting services. Twitter: @Xinsto, Instagram: @XinstoTech, Email:, Web:


Started in 2011 by Shodan Nayak, grew to be a popular budget VPS hosting provider offering many different regions for OpenVz-based servers. Eventually, settled on offering services in Chicago and Kansas City. In 2022, made itself available for purchase as Shodan wished to pursue other opportunities. Twitter: @sshvm, Email:, Web:


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