Welcome to the new Xinsto site!

If you’ve been following along with us over the last several years, you’ll notice our business has evolved quite a bit. At first, we were doing IT services and web hosting (under our house brand, Xinsto Host and then eventually under NodeSpace). When the global pandemic hit and we dropped our partnership with a firewall brand, it got us thinking…

What is the company doing and what can it be doing better at?

Quite honestly, we were faced with several options. We considered closing up shop and just taking a bit of a hiatus for a while. We considered looking into working on new business partnerships to offer new products and services. But then, it hit us.

We are already doing web hosting and it has been increasing, demanding more of our time and attention. Let’s just do that instead!

It was at that point we promptly pulled our website offline and quickly got a temporary one up where we showcased our hosting products and services. Managed hosting? Yes! Managed IT services? No more!

While we are certainly sad to no longer be doing managed IT services, we are very happy that we’ve been able to focus on what we like doing: web hosting!

We’ve re-launched our website, this time highlighting our company as a hosting service provider and our culture (for example, check out the Tech We Like page!) – and because, well, legally, since we operate IP space under ARIN jurisdiction, we’re required to have a way to be contacted for abuse or network issues.

Our company as a whole has changed. What we do and how we do it, has not.

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